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standin in the front justa shakin yo' ass. . .

Mmkay- sooo, i went to jades yesterday && it was. . .well, whats the worddddd. . .interesting lmao

the day was good;
we watched old "home" movies && hung out, like the sisters we are =) haha.
we have so much fun together- we're complete dumbasses lol

anywho, her mommy made us fried ice cream cause i hadn't ever tried it- let me just say, its the only mexican dish, other than spanish rice, i will ever eat haha. i loved it! yum =)

other than watching movies && eating, haha, we went to Marneys last night to "play ddr" lmao
it was CRAZY! but i wont get into details about that on here. . .ya wanna know anything, just ask me on the Q && i shall tell you all that can be known ;) hahaha.

Some insides from last night-
"Do it jade, dont be a rachel": Marney
"They're ugly. . .fat and ugly!": Jade
"Call C for Cock. . .Call Y for Y not have more sex": Drew
"There's all kinds of balls here. . .2 4 6 8 10 12 14 balls here!": Jade

"Omgosh, how would the deaf kids be able to pass notes? i mean they cant. . .wait a min. . .they could still read": Me
"yeah, they'd like sign language. . can you see the teacher signin "hey! you guys stop that sign languaging && do your work": Dust

"omgosh, you have surpassed me. . .im the most horrible person ever, and you just beat me Rach": Drew
"Jade's ridin tiny!": Marney

"Theres a fork on your stairs": Me
"Fork you": Marney

"You're peein for a long time": Me
"SHUTUP!": Jade

Bottom line:: it was a fun night all in all. lol

buuuut. . .
this mornin we woke up && went to church!
it was so fun- i need to start goin to church. . .i never go anymore =(
&& omgosh, guess what?! when i got to church, i seen WESSSLEY ADAM ROSE! gah, i love that boy more than life itself! ♥
After church was over, we went to jades, hung around for a while, && then dad came and got me =)

&& that has been my wonderful 2 days. . .exciting, i know lmao

or else. . . ;) *
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