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the night we met I knew I needed you so, && if I had the chance I'd never let you go. . .

Well guys, today was pretty much awful.

I got checked out today around 10 && came home because i think i had another anxiety attack.
I swear, i dont know whats wrong with me. I get to feelin bad, && then i get these ideas in my head, and think im more bad off than what i really am. So, of course i started panicin, gettin real hott, shakin pretty bad, && felt real dizzy. When i got home i went to sleep at about 1:30, woke up at 4:30, && havent really felt good all day =/
I think im finally gettin the side effects of Accutane- && it sucks.

When stuff like this happens, i just need someone to tell me im okay && that nothing bad is gonna happen to me.
&& im pretty sure i know who i want to tell me that. . .
i just never get my way anymore though =(

Im not bein selfish, but please guys- pray for me.

Update Later
I Love You All *
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