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your act only works on an audience ♥

mmkay so i havent updated this thing in FOREVER.

soo, here goes nothin about my lovely, lonely life.

me and shane are broke up and have been for almost 2 months or so now.. it sucks, and im still kinda sad over it- but im good to say the least.

school started back the 15th and im semi-enjoying it.
i have drama, algebra II, office administration and english 11- they're all pretty fun except algebra because i freakin hate math lol

I GOT MY CLASS RING TODAY! i loooove it =D
i may take some pics of it and put em on here.. who knows.

but i guess thats it..? i think i covered everything.
shane sucks- some of my classes suck- and yet im doin wonderful ♥

yepp. . . thats about it. . .
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